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my zombie smashing gf ;3; (i might touch this up laterr :p)
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Don’t like a blog’s opinions on your dash? Don’t send them hate:


Are you tired of seeing a specific Tumblr user reblogging and commenting on your posts?


Are you being bombarded by anonymous hate?


Too much internet for one day?


pretty sure this is meant to be facetious but i think sometimes people need a gentle reminder that you don’t have to put up with horseshit online and a break can be good so have this ok followers

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Human Eridan for some RP things I’ve been doin’. 
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Not all men are

as straight as me. Im so heterosexual that i cant go 10 minutes without looking at a séxy lady or else i’ll pass out! Whenever i look a man in the eye on accident i make the sign of the cross over my chest and whisper “no homo.” Boy do i love sports and and hot women. My girlfriend ditched me because i cant stand within 5 feet of another man. I am so alone

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speed paint feferi
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no other song is “this generation’s bohemian rhapsody”

bohemian rhapsody is every generation’s bohemian rhapsody

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aaaaahhhh your jane is perfect!!!


<333 Much appreciated!!

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a scribble
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horocscope - which social network are you


aries: facebook
taurus: instagram
gemini: tumblr
cancer: twitter
leo: snapchat
virgo: youtube
libra: reddit
scorpio: myspace
sagittarius: kik
capricorn: vine
aquarius: 4chan
pisces: pinterest

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